Sentence Examples

  • Marconi gave great attention to the improvement of devices for the detection of electric waves..
  • The discovery of a single fossil creature in a geological stratum of a wrong period, the detection of a single anatomical or physiological fact irreconcilable with origin by descent with modification, would have been destructive of the theory and would have made the reputation of the observer.
  • A high vacuum is needed for the detection of the minute forces here concerned; but just in that case the indirect radiometereffect of the heating of the residual gas masks the effect.
  • By a comparison of these two lines of evidence we can approximate to a text current about 300 B.C. or later; but for any errors which had entered into the common source of these two forms of the text we possess no documentary means of detection whatsoever.
  • The history of that ill-fated queen occupied much of his attention, and his last work, A Detection of the LoveLetters lately attributed in Hugh Campbell's work to Mary Queen of Scots, is an exposure of an attempt to represent as genuine some fictitious letters said to have passed between Mary and Bothwell, which had fallen into deserved oblivion.

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