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  • The Dene (Tinneh) peoples used strips of hide for snowshoes and game-bags, sewed their deerskin clothing with sinew thread, and embroidered in split quill.
  • One specimen of a CentralAmerican inscription may give a general idea of them all, whether it be from the sculptured façade of a temple sketched by Catherwood, or from the painted deerskin called the Dresden Codex (reproduced in Kingsborough), or from the chapter of Diego de Landa where he professes to explain and translate the characters themselves.
  • Among those who sought refuge here was a colony of Moravian Brethren; they still occupy a separate quarter of the town, where they carry on manufactures of porcelain stoves and deerskin gloves.
  • She lifted her and clasped her daughter to her bosom, swathing her in the softness of the dressed deerskin.
  • The outer part was originally a single layer of buff-coloured oil-tanned deerskin with the flesh surface placed outermost.

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