Sentence Examples

  • The earliest of the great works of Pheidias were dedications in memory of Marathon, from the spoils of the victory.
  • Of poetry there is scarcely a trace during the whole period under review except some rhymed Psalters and a few rhymed dedications to patrons.
  • 3 As the god who brought the people under one government he might be worshipped as Havbnµos; 4 as the deity of the whole of Hellas, `EAXavcos, 5 a title that belonged originally to Aegina and to the prehistoric tribe of the Aeacidae, and had once the narrower application to the " Thessalian Hellenes," but acquired the Pan-Hellenic sense, in fact expanded into the form IIav€XXipnos, perhaps about the time of the Persian wars, when thanksgiving for the victory took the form of dedications and sacrifice to " Zeus the Liberator " - 'EXev8Epcos.
  • But the later recensions add little, beyond fulsome dedications to Earl Robert, to the edition of 1120.
  • He is credited with missionary work in Galloway and north of the Firth of Forth, but most of the dedications to him which survive are north of the Mounth in the upper valley of the Dee.

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