Sentence Examples

  • The "Warwick," "Phoebe" and "North Star" had been cruising off the mole to screen the force from torpedo attack.
  • Townley and Swan had, however, by this time left him, and after cruising together for some time, they, too, parted.
  • In 1591, three years after the defeat of the Armada, Raymond and Lancaster rounded the Cape, and after cruising off Penang, decided to winter in Achin.
  • In 1889, "on a certain bright June day," the Stevensons sailed for the Gilbert Islands, and after six months' cruising found themselves at Samoa, where he landed for the first time about Christmas Day 1889.
  • For nearly the whole of the year 1890 the Stevensons were cruising through unfamiliar archipelagos Eon board a little trading steamer, the "Janet Nicholl."