Sentence Examples

  • Trying to figure out a cryptic definition or trying to remember that obscure movie from the 1950s that will fill out the rest of an entire line of answers is difficult unless you have a crossword dictionary handy.
  • Sudoku is regularly played with paper and pencil, like a crossword puzzle, but a sudoku wooden board games gives you the option to play away from your daily newspaper or favorite puzzle book.
  • Not only can they read favorite bible stories, but they can also take quizzes, listen to Christian songs about the stories, solve crossword puzzles, word scrambles and color pictures online.
  • Enchanted Learning is another amazingly rich site with printable materials and games from "invent your own Olympic sport" to crossword puzzles and "create-a-medal" activities.
  • While crossword puzzles appear in the print version of the magazine, the publication's website offers additional games and puzzles that can be completed online or printed.