Sentence Examples

  • But almost everywhere the vegetation serves to smooth the contours of the rugged hills, ferns, mosses and shrubs growing wherever their roots can cling, and leaving only the steepest crags uncovered to form, as in Tahiti, a striking contrast.
  • The upper city is built on three hills, which rise as steep crags 400 ft.
  • It was the middlemost and the highest of the three steep crags which rise from the valley of the Kur, at some distance to the west or north-west of Nakshi Rustam.
  • Ducks, divers, geese, gulls, all the Russian species of snipes and sandpipers (Limicolae, Tringae), swarm on the marshes of the tundras and on the crags of the Lapland coast.
  • The crags which he flung at Britannia did indeed graze the stern and graze the prow of her craft.

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