Sentence Examples

  • I finally searched the identity record in the US Copyright Office records for Andy Gordon and Yancey Giddon.
  • Whether he was writing miscellaneous essays or law-books, his -characteristic style prevailed, and his books on copyright and .on trusts were novelties indeed among legal textbooks, no less :sparkling than his literary Obiter Dicta.
  • The more important subjects with which it deals are trade, shipping and railways; taxation, bounties, the borrowing of money on the credit of the Commonwealth; the postal and telegraphic services; defence, census and statistics; currency, coinage, banking, bankruptcy; weights and measures; copyright, patents and trade marks; marriage and divorce; immigration and emigration; conciliation and arbitration in industrial disputes.
  • When countries do not agree on borders, laws, property rights, copyright, access to waterways, legal representation, and a thousand other issues, wars break out.
  • If someone writes a book in one country, does another country enforce the copyright within its borders?

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