Sentence Examples

  • There were indeed some outbursts of rebellion, some fomented by the nobles of Languedoc (1240-1242), and others emanating from the people of the towns, who were embittered by confiscations and religious persecutions (e.g.
  • The confiscations of Septimus Se,verus and the ravages of barbarians in the middle of the 3rd century have both been adduced as causes for such a decline.
  • Confiscations and settlements, prohibitive laws (such as those which ruined the woollen industry), penal enactments against the Roman Catholics, absenteeism, the creation for political purposes of 40s.
  • When the resources drawn from confiscations were exhausted, he raised benevolences forced gifts extracted from men of wealth by the unspoken ~ threat of the royal displeasureinstead of applying to parliament for new taxes.
  • There was a strong anti-clerical party, whose practical aim was to fill the coffers of the state by large measures of disendowment and confiscations of Church property.

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