Sentence Examples

  • The process carrying the otolith outer side of a or concretion hk, formed by endoderm cells, is tentacle, two enclosed by an upgrowth forming the " vesicle," nerves run round which is not yet quite closed in at the top. the base of the (After Hertwig.) tentacle to it.
  • In his Sylva sylvarum (1627), Francis Bacon states that " the original concretion of bitumen is a mixture of a fiery and watery substance," and observes that flame " attracts " the naphtha of Babylon " afar off."
  • Whilst pyrites is found abundantly in the older crystalline rocks and slates, marcasite is more abundant in clays, and has often been formed as a concretion around organic remains.
  • Here the Cambrian system is only distinguished clearly on the eastern side, where the three subdivisions are found in a thin series of strata (400 ft.), in which black concretion-bearing shales play an important part.
  • This substance, which has been found to be a purely siliceous concretion, is possessed of peculiar optical properties.