Sentence Examples

  • Its formation is consequently the result of "concretionary action."
  • These contain each a single concretionary otolith.
  • Kankar or ghutin (concretionary carbonate of lime) is collected for this purpose from the river-beds and alluvial deposits.
  • By modern mineralogists the name chalcedony is restricted to those kinds of silica which occur not in distinct crystals like ordinary quartz, but in concretionary, mammillated or stalactitic forms, which break with a fine splintery fracture, and display a delicate fibrous structure.
  • It is never crystallized, but may have a fibrous or microcrystalline structure, and commonly occurs in concretionary forms or in compact and earthy masses; sometimes mammillated, botryoidal, reniform or stalactitic. The colour presents various shades of brown and yellow, and the streak is always brownish, a character which distinguishes it from haematite with a red, or from magnetite with a black streak.

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