Sentence Examples

  • These terms practically conceded all that the Boers demanded, and were never regarded as anything else than surrender either by the Boers or the loyalists in South Africa.
  • Rifled guns with shrapnel shell were considered more than sufficient to make good the slight advantage then conceded to the breech-loader.
  • Of the treaty the Sublime Porte undertook " to protect the Christian religion and its churches " and conceded to the ministers of Russia the specific right to " make representations in favour of the new Church " which, under article xiv.
  • Agreements were also concluded by which a share of the goods owned by Germany was conceded to Austria.
  • They were not, however, without quiet success, for these committees worked so intensively to create a public opinion favourable to woman's suffrage that immediately after the proclamation of the Austrian Republic in 1918 the vote was unanimously conceded to women, even the conservative parties agreeing to this.

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