Sentence Examples

  • Although primarily a commuter school (only 10% of undergraduates reside on campus), the university offers three traditional residence halls (Argo, Martin and Pace Halls), single-student housing, two-student housing and student apartments.
  • Grab a fashion case in your favorite color, a gel skin with a handy wrist strap, or just get yourself started with the MyTouch Starter Kit that includes a black gel skin, car charger, a commuter mug, and On the Go App recommendations.
  • Gulf Coast is one of 28 public community colleges that opened after the Florida legislature established their network of commuter colleges designed to be located within accessible driving distance to the majority of the population.
  • Both commuters and tourists use the bridge daily, and the transit website offers plenty of historical information about the bridge, as well as daily commuter info.
  • There is an on-campus cafe called the Cascade Range Cafe meant to help students meet each other (as the school is a commuter school, this can be difficult to do).