Sentence Examples

  • (iii.) Where the direct operation is evolution, for which there is no commutative law, the two inverse operations are different in kind.
  • This is due to the fact that there are really two kinds of subtraction, respectively involving counting forwards (complementary addition) and counting backwards (ordinary subtraction); and it suggests that it may be wise not to use the one symbol - to represent the result of both operations until the commutative law for addition has been fully grasped.
  • When we are familiar with the treatment of quantities by equations, we may ignore the units and deal solely with numbers; and (ii.) (a) and (ii.) (b) may then, by the commutative law for multiplication, be regarded as identical.
  • (a) The commutative law and the associative law are closely related, and it is best to establish each law for the case of two numbers before proceeding to the general case.
  • (ii.) By means of the commutative law we can collect like terms of a monomial, numbers being regarded as like terms. Thus the above expression is equal to 6a 5 bc 2, which is, of course, equal to other expressions, such as 6ba 5 c 2.

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