Sentence Examples

  • In its simplest form, this phrase implies such an obvious fact as that whatever be the future development of, say, existing cockroaches, it will be on lines determined by the present structure of these creatures.
  • The mole cricket (Gryllotalpa vulgaris) and various cockroaches (Blattidae) are also amongst the pests found in this order.
  • In generalized biting insects, such as cockroaches and locusts (Orthoptera), the parts of a typical maxilla can be easily recognized in the labium.
  • 3, d), which is large and conspicuous in those insects, such as cockroaches, bugs (Heteroptera) and beetles, which have the prothorax free - i.e.
  • Smaller appendages (such as the stylets of male cockroaches) may be carried on the ninth segment.

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