Sentence Examples

  • Davis, who classifies land surfaces in terms of the three factors - structure, process and time.
  • He classifies the modern high-class Sea Island cottons as G.
  • Burger classifies Nemertines into four orders: I.
  • Matto Grosso classifies cattle-raising as a principal industry, but under present conditions the accessible markets are too small for any large development.
  • It supervises and audits the accounts of state departments, directs the taking of the census, transfers cities from one class to another in accordance with census returns, constitutes the board for canvassing election returns, classifies railways, assesses railway and other companies, constitutes the state board of equalization for adjusting property valuations between the several counties for taxing purposes, supervises the incorporation of building and loan associations, appoints the board of examiners of mine inspectors and has many other powers.

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