Sentence Examples

  • The expenses of the family, including the education of the children, are chargeable alike upon the property of either or both.
  • They were not on this account chargeable with heresy.
  • Upon the formation of the cabinet of 1853, which was composed by the junction of the surviving followers of Sir Robert Peel with the Whigs, under the earl of Aberdeen, Lord Palmerston accepted with the best possible grace the office of secretary of state for the home office, nor was he ever chargeable with the slightest attempt to undermine that Government.
  • The expression " contributory place " means a place other than a parish chargeable with special expenses.
  • To secure freedom from the Moors, it was an ad valorem tax of 10, increased afterwards to 14%, on the selling price of all commodities, whether raw or manufactured, chargeable as often as they were sold or exchanged.