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  • In response to Cromwell's splendid championship of the persecuted people - which has been we]1 described as "one of the noblest memories of England" - France undertook to put pressure upon Savoy, in consequence of which the persecution ceased for a time; but Cromwell's intervention had less practical effect than has generally been supposed, though "never was the great conception of a powerful state having duties along with interests more magnanimously realized."
  • By his championship of the national policy he had raised up formidable foes abroad without securing a single friend or supporter at home, 6 and his fidelity to the national interests was now, through a very mean and ignoble act of personal spite, to be the occasion of his downfall.
  • The reformation as such had no favourable influence on Jewish fortunes in Christian Europe, though the championship of the cause of toleration by Reuchlin had considerable value.
  • Whenever the cultivation 'of his estate and the vigorous championship of his Samoan retainers gave him the leisure, Stevenson was during these years almost wholly occupied in writing romances of Scottish life.
  • The first and fundamental characteristic of Ultramontanism is its championship of a logical carrying out of the so-called " papalistic system," the concentration, that is, of all ecclesiastical power in the person of the Roman bishop. This.

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