Sentence Examples

  • The absolute centigrade temperature T is thence inferred from the gas equation (8) R = pv/T = povo/273, which, with p = 2440, v =5, p o = 1, vo =700, makes T =4758, a temperature of 4485° C. or 8105° F.
  • Temperature on the Centigrade Scale.
  • Joule inferred from them that the mechanical equivalent of heat is probably about 772 foot-pounds, or, employing the centigrade scale, about 1390 foot-pounds.
  • The two standards, the cubic inch and the cubic decimetre, may not be strictly comparable owing to a difference in the normal temperature (Centigrade and Fahrenheit scales) of the two units of extension, the metre and the yard.
  • This unit is taken as being 4.180 joules per gramme-degree-centigrade on the scale of the platinum thermometer, corrected to the absolute scale as explained in the article Thermometry, Which Has Been Shown To Be Practically Equivalent To The Hydrogen Scale.