Sentence Examples

  • The absolute centigrade temperature T is thence inferred from the gas equation (8) R = pv/T = povo/273, which, with p = 2440, v =5, p o = 1, vo =700, makes T =4758, a temperature of 4485° C. or 8105° F.
  • Temperature on the Centigrade Scale.
  • The two standards, the cubic inch and the cubic decimetre, may not be strictly comparable owing to a difference in the normal temperature (Centigrade and Fahrenheit scales) of the two units of extension, the metre and the yard.
  • Joule inferred from them that the mechanical equivalent of heat is probably about 772 foot-pounds, or, employing the centigrade scale, about 1390 foot-pounds.
  • Adopting the centigrade scale, this gives 1390.846 foot-pounds.