Sentence Examples

  • Consists of the floral axis bearing the sporophylls carpels), usually with certain protective envelopes.
  • The pistil consists of several carpels, which are elevated on a stalk or gynophore prolonged from the receptacle.
  • A, Stamens; c, carpels; p, petals; s, sepals.
  • Thus, a symmetrical flower may have five sepals, five petals, five stamens and five carpels, or the number of any of these parts may be ten, twenty or some multiple of five.
  • - Diagrammatic section of a symmetrical pentamerous flower of Stone-crop (Sedum), consisting of five sepals (s), five petals (p) alternating with the sepals, ten stamens (a) in two rows, and five carpels (c) containing ovules.

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