Sentence Examples

  • This is seen in cases where the margins of the carpel do not unite, but remain separate, and consequently two placentas are formed in place of one.
  • 92), quadrilocular, quinquelocular, or multilocular, according as it is formed by two, three, four, five or many carpels, each carpel corresponding to a single cell.
  • Each carpel has its own ovary, style (when present), and stigma, and may be regarded as formed by a folded leaf, the upper surface of which is turned inwards towards the axis, and the lower outwards, while from its margins are developed one or more ovules.
  • When the pistil is formed by one carpel the inner margins unite and form usually a common marginal placenta, which may extend FIG.
  • When in a compound pistil the style of each carpel is thus displaced, it appears as if the ovary were depressed in the centre, and the style rising from the depression in the midst of the carpels seems to come from the torus.