Sentence Examples

  • - Diagram of flower of Sweet-pea (Lathyrus), showing five sepals (s), two superior, one inferior, and two lateral; five petals (p), one superior, two inferior, and two lateral; ten stamens in two rows (a); and one carpel (c).
  • In the first-mentioned case the terms carpel and pistil are synonymous.
  • Each carpel has its own ovary, style (when present), and stigma, and may be regarded as formed by a folded leaf, the upper surface of which is turned inwards towards the axis, and the lower outwards, while from its margins are developed one or more ovules.
  • This is seen in cases where the margins of the carpel do not unite, but remain separate, and consequently two placentas are formed in place of one.
  • When the pistil is formed by one carpel the inner margins unite and form usually a common marginal placenta, which may extend FIG.

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