Sentence Examples

  • As the placenta is formed on each margin of the carpel it is essentially double.
  • These, as in Gymnosperms, are of two kinds, microspores or pollen-grains, borne in the stamens (or microsporophylls) and megaspores, in which the egg-cell is developed, contained in the ovule, which is borne enclosed in the carpel (or megasporophyll).
  • The leaves show a remark the carpel of the same or another flower.
  • The carpel, or aggregate of carpels forming the pistil or gynaeceum, comprises an ovary containing one or more ovules and a receptive surface or stigma; the stigma is sometimes carried up on a style.
  • The pistil consists of a single carpel, opposite the pale in the median plane of the spikelet.

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