Sentence Examples

  • I know this letter is very carelessly written.
  • He must have had a corrupt copy, or read very carelessly.
  • According to Nitschmann in his Geschichte der polnischen - Litteratur - a work which has been of service in the preparation of this article - the books were transported to Russia very carelessly, and many of them injured by the way.
  • To meet this view Butler does not content himself, as is sometimes carelessly supposed, with insisting on the natural claim to authority of the conscience which his opponent repudiated as artificial; he adds a subtle and effective argument ad hominem.
  • Wheat well repays careful attention; contrast the produce of a carelessly tilled Russian or Indian field and the bountiful yield on a good Lincolnshire farm, the former with its average yield of 8 bushels, the latter with its 50 bushels per acre; or compare the quality, as regards the quantity and flavour of the flour from a fine sample of British wheat, such as is on sale at almost every agricultural show in Great Britain, with the produce of an Egyptian or Syrian field; the difference is so great as to cause one to doubt whether the berries are of the same species.