Sentence Examples

  • He stayed his urge to unleash the hand cannons on them all and stood stiffly.
  • The vamps around Bianca whirled, and he raised the hand cannons, blasting all four before they reached the door.
  • He whipped out the vamp-killing hand cannons and shot the first two of Jilian's men.
  • "Got it," Dusty said, reloading before his hand cannons began roaring again.
  • One of the Polish kings, for example, threatened with death the English sailors who should attempt to carry on the illicit trade in arms, on the ground that " the Muscovite, who is not only our opponent of to-day but the eternal enemy of all free nations, should not be allowed to supply himself with cannons, bullets and munitions or with artisans who manufacture arms hitherto unknown to those barbarians."

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