Sentence Examples

  • Khaki button-down long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts are worn over cotton t-shirts, usually open at the collar (unless the ranger is working in an office, in which case a khaki tie with a brass tie-tack would be appropriate).
  • This has led to many styles of microfiber shirt lines - from the simple t-shirt offered by Silver Eagle Outfitters to the Hemisphere short-sleeve button-down shirt from TravelSmith, one of the biggest microfiber retailers.
  • The short sleeved button-down style is also very popular with travelers, especially since some (like Travelsmith's "Trip'r" line) incorporate UV protection and specially-designed pockets useful for tickets and other gear.
  • Unlike other fabrics, fleece is not usually blended with spandex, so there is no extra "give." If you are unsure of your size, choose a size larger than what you would wear in a button-down shirt style.
  • Button-down cardigan sweaters for men were a staple of academics - it's the rare portrayal of a male professor in popular culture that doesn't show him wearing a thick cardigan, often while smoking his pipe.