Sentence Examples

  • The ordinary cattle of the province is the small humped kind, Bos indicus, and forms an article of export to Russia, the humps, smoked, being much in demand as a delicacy.
  • OX, strictly speaking, the Saxon name for the males of domesticated cattle (Bos taurus), but in a zoological sense employed so as to include not only the extinct wild ox of Europe but likewise bovine animals of every description, that is to say true oxen, bison and buffaloes.
  • Humped cattle are widely spread over Africa, Madagascar and India, and form a distinct species, Bos indicus, characterized by the presence of a fleshy hump on the shoulders, the convexity (instead of concavity) of the first part of the curve of the horns, the very large size of the dewlap, and the general presence of white rings round the fetlocks, and light circles surrounding the eyes.
  • A third type is apparently indicated by the ancient Egyptian cattle, which were not humped, and for which the name Bos aegyptiacus has been suggested.
  • Side by side with these are found remains of a huge bison, generally regarded as specifically distinct from the living European animal and termed Bos (Bison) priscus.

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