Sentence Examples

  • The fluid accumulation and reduced absorption lead to bilious vomiting, which is the vomitus will appear greenish, the classic sign of upper intestinal obstruction.
  • The vomitus will be greenish (bilious) because it contains bile from the gallbladder.
  • He had what the doctors termed "bilious fever."
  • The mean annual temperature is about 82° to 83° F.; malarial and bilious fevers are common, the latter being known as "Guayaquil fever," and epidemics of yellow fever are frequent.
  • It is subject, however, to extreme and rapid variations in temperature, to alternations of dry and humid winds (the latter, called catias, being irritating and oppressive), to chilling night mists brought up from the coast by the westerly winds, and to other influences productive of malaria, catarrh, fevers, bilious disorders and rheumatism.