Sentence Examples

  • Bile is a liquid mixture of cholesterol, bile salts, and waste products, including bilirubin, which the liver excretes through thousands of tiny biliary ducts to the intestine, where the bile aids in the digestive process of dietary fats.
  • Biliary concretions, known as gall stones, are apt to form in the gall-bladder.
  • If the abscess is allowed to take its course, adhesions may form around it and it may burst into the intestine or on to the surface of the abdomen, a biliary fistula remaining.
  • If before opening the gall-bladder the surface is stitched to the deepest part of the abdominal wound, the biliary fistula left as the result of the opening of the abscess will close in due course.
  • " Biliary colic " is the name given to the distressing symptoms associated with the passage of a stone through the narrow bileduct.