Sentence Examples

  • Sodium bicarbonate is one of our most useful gastric sedatives and antacids, relieving pain in hyperchloridia.
  • Any silicate present is also converted into bicarbonate with elimination of silica, which must be filtered off.
  • The bicarbonate forms large monoclinic prisms, permanent in the air.
  • Trimethylamine, (CH3)3N, is very similar to dimethylamine, and condenses to a liquid which boils at 3.2-3.8° C. It is usually obtained from "vinasses," the residue obtained from the distillation of beet sugar alcohol, and is used in the manufacture of potassium bicarbonate by the Solvay process, since its hydrochloride is much more soluble than potassium carbonate.
  • Ammonium bicarbonate, NH 4 �HCO 3, is formed as shown above and also by passing carbon dioxide through a solution of the normal compound, when it is deposited as a white powder, which has no smell and is only slightly soluble in water.