Sentence Examples

  • A bi-monthly, Bird-Lore, established in 1899, is edited by Frank M.
  • Bismuth and antimony give (the latter very readily) sesquioxide (Bi 2 O 3 and Sb203, the latter being capable of passing into Sb204).
  • Knofler and Gebauer have also a system of bi-polar electrodes, mounted in a frame in appearance resembling a filter-press.
  • Tea) and those with erect leaves, such as Typlia angustifolia, is bi obably more apparent than real.
  • -2 _ ab 2an-2bn-2Crz z x () x x x, Each term on the right-hand side may be shown by permutation of a, b, c to be the symbolical representation of the same covariant; they are equivalent symbolic products, and we may accordingly write 2(ac) (bc)ai -1 bi -1 cx 2 =(ab)2a:-2b:-2c:, a relation which shows that the form on the left is the product of the two covariants n (ab) ay 2 by 2 and cZ.