Sentence Examples

  • At that crisis, probably convinced him that the cause of moderate reform and the framing of a bicameral constitution on the model of that of England were hopeless.
  • Government.-Representative government goes back to 1634, and the bicameral legislature to 1644.
  • The controversy ended in the creation of a bicameral legislature in the lower branch of which the claim of the larger states found recognition, while in the upper, the Senate, each state had two votes.
  • The legislature (Standeversammlung) is bicameral - the constitution of the co-ordinate chambers being finally settled by a law of 1868 amending the enactment of 1831.
  • In 1787 all the states but three had bicameral legislatures-it was therefore natural that the new national government should follow this example, not to add that the division into two branches seems calculated to reduce the chances of reckless haste, and to increase the chances of finding wisdom in a multitude of counsellors.

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