Sentence Examples

  • In the Musee Arabe, which occupies an adjacent small palace built about 1830, are treasures illustrative of the Arab-Berber or Saracenic art of Tunisia.
  • Was spent in a struggle to reduce his anarchical Arab and Berber subjects to order.
  • But from the fact that the bulk of the Tunisian population belongs to the Iberian section of the Berbers, and to this being no doubt the fundamental stock of most Italian peoples, the intermixture of the Italianized Berber with his African brother has not much affected the physique of the people, though it may have slightly tinged their mental characteristics.
  • This region the Romans gave the name of "Africa," apparently a latinizing of the Berber term "Ifriga," "Ifrigia" (in modern Arabic, Ifriqiyah).
  • Abd-ul-Qasim gained the confidence of the townsmen by organizing a successful resistance to the Berber soldiers of fortune who were grasping at the fragments of the caliphate.