Sentence Examples

  • Though popularly connected with lavah, " be joined, attached," an ethnic from Leah has found some favour; the Assyrian li'u "powerful, wise," has also been suggested.
  • Demeter also appears as a goddess of health, of birth and of marriage; and a certain number of political and ethnic titles is assigned to her.
  • A more general term is" Hebrew " (see Hebrew Language), which, whether originally identical with the Habiru or not (§ 3), is used in contrast to foreigners, and this non-committal ethnic On the bearing of external evidence upon the internal biblical records, see especially S.
  • The one associates itself with the ancestors of the Hebrews and has an ethnic character.
  • The cult in fact corresponds in its main outlines with the early religious conceptions of Syria and a large part of Anatolia - a correspondence probably explained by a considerable amount of ethnic affinity existing between a large section of the primitive Cretan population and that of southern Asia Minor.

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