Sentence Examples

  • "was ever constant in sacrificing to the gods"; and that he now, in the presence of the commissioners of the sacrifices (01 ripolAvoCTC,P Buo v), has both sacrificed and drunk [or has poured libations], and has tasted of the victims, in witness whereof he begs them to sign this certificate.
  • New truth) or the major premise is improperly used (begs the question) inasmuch as unless we knew that all Frenchmen are mortal we could not state that all men are mortal.
  • She dwells on high in the Heavenly Home, the radiant "Abode of song," but Zarathustra summons her thence, begs for her fellowship, and prays her for righteousness of thought, speech and deed.'
  • In the same prayer the votary begs that "new blessing may come, new victory from the god Zarvan over the glories and angels, the spirits of this world, to the end that he accept our holy religion, become a watcher within and without, helper and protector," and the prayer ends thus: "I invoke the angels, the strong ones, the mighty, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, Sarael, who shall protect us from all adversity, and free us from the wicked Ahriman."
  • In1758-1759the Chinese conquered Dzungaria and East Turkestan, and the begs or rulers of Ferghana recognized Chinese suzerainty.

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