Sentence Examples

  • Iii.) " God gives not his holy treasures to the dogs; but where he sees the goodly determination, there he bestows the seed of salvation..
  • Upon her male favourites (Paris, Theseus) she bestows the fatal gift of seductive beauty, which generally leads to disastrous results in the case of the woman (Helen, Ariadne).
  • This pledge he redeemed, and he is, in consequence, the darling of Persian tradition, which bestows on him the title of Gor (the wild ass), and is eloquent on his adventures in the chase and in love.
  • Sometimes Athena disguises him as a decrepit beggar, sometimes she bestows on him supernatural beauty and vigour.
  • The king bestows on him lands and honours, and during the reigns of Hygelac and his son Heardred he is the greatest man in the kingdom.

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