Sentence Examples

  • Internet auctions are always risky, and although esoteric pieces like vintage Bakelite handbags aren't subject to replicas the way many designer products are, you may still want to keep an eye open for fakes.
  • Instead of making jewelry from conventional materials such as gold and silver, jewelry makers were experimenting with new and exciting materials such as bakelite, plastic and other unusual materials.
  • Although Bakelite has been superseded by plastics such as Lucite, many lovers of vintage jewelry and accessories are still combing the vintage scene for the last available pieces of this era.
  • Although many of these purses will not be specifically by the designer Rialto, all of them will share the commonalities of boxy feminine vintage design and the amazing features of Bakelite.
  • However, all of these handbags will be old, and Bakelite items that were manufactured in the early 1900s are subject to the oxidation discoloration inherent to Bakelite.