Sentence Examples

  • Also in the stages are the three Powerstones, a red, a blue, and a yellow one . When you collect them all your character turns into super-fighter with distinctive abilities related to his backstory.
  • The novel was only the beginning of a many book series featuring characters first introduced here, notably her vampire Lestat, whose backstory we learn in 1985's The Vampire Lestat.
  • Granted, the main reason why you'd be interested in a hidden objects title such as this is the gameplay, a good backstory can also go a long way in adding value and enjoyment.
  • The lead designer works with other designers and level layout people to create the design of the game, from the basic plot and backstory to the layout of every level map.
  • The flashbacks fill in Duncan's backstory, and explain his connection to the guest star of the week or why he is determined to take the action he takes in the present.

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