Sentence Examples

  • He wasn't about to believe Death until he saw Katie for himself.  A minute after midnight on the fourth day, if Katie wasn't standing beside him, he'd need the knowledge of where to set off the atomic bomb within him.
  • The atomic weight of the element has been determined by analysis.
  • In the time, however, of Boyle 1 and Newton, we again find an atomic theory of matter; Newton 2 regarded a gas as consisting of small separate particles which repelled one another, the tendency of a gas to expand being attributed to the supposed repulsion between the particles.
  • Dalton (1803) gave the atomic theory a quantitative form, and showed that, by means of it, a vast number of the facts of chemistry could be predicted or explained.
  • In fact, he did so much to make the atomic theory of matter probable that he is popularly regarded as its originator.

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