Sentence Examples

  • CHAGOS, a group of atolls in the Indian Ocean, belonging to Britain, disposed in circular form round the Chagos bank, in 4° 44' t o 7° 39' S., and 70 55' to 72° 52' E.
  • The atolls on the south and east side of the bank, which has a circumference of about 270 m., have disappeared through subsidence; a few - Egmont, Danger, Eagle, and Three Brothers - still remain on the east side, but most of the population (about 700) is centred on Diego Garcia, which lies on the south-east side, and is nearly 13 m.
  • It comprises a large number of low coralline islands and atolls, which are disposed in nine clusters extending over a distance of about 400 m.
  • It consists of seventeen atolls with an immense number of islands, of which some three hundred are inhabited.
  • In the extreme south are the isolated atolls of Addu and Fua-Mulaku, separated from Suvadiva by the Equatorial Channel, which is itself separated from the main chain of atolls by One-and-ahalf-degree Channel.'

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