Sentence Examples

  • There is, in birds, no annulus tympanicus.
  • A, the annulus, or remnant of C, longitudinal section of mature velum partiale.
  • The expression for w in (i) § 29 may be increased by the addition of the term im log z =-m0 + im log r, (1) representing vortex motion circulating round the annulus of liquid.
  • Then consider a thin annulus thin of the wire of width dx; the charge on it is equal to thin rod.
  • 21rry/dx units, and the potential V at a point on the axis at a distance x from the annulus due to this elementary charge is ll2 2?rrc V=2 j o (r2+x2) dx=47rrvj log e (2l+1,/ r2 +412 ') - loge'} If, then, r is small compared with 1, we have V =47rry log e llr.

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