Sentence Examples

  • It forms white crystals, melting at 213° with decomposition into water and phthalic anhydride; the latter forms long white needles, melting at 128° and boiling at 284°.
  • Phthalyl chloride, C 6 H 4 (COC1) 2 or C 6 H 4 (CCl2)(CO)0, formed by heating the anhydride with phosphorus chloride, is an oil which solidifies at 0° and boils at 275°.
  • Moissan (Comptes rendus, 1896, 122, p. 1297) obtained a vanadium containing from Io to 16% of carbon by fusing vanadic anhydride with carbon in the electric furnace.
  • The anhydride of the cis-I.2 acid, obtained by heating the anhydride of the trans-acid, forms prisms which melt at 192° C. When heated with hydrochloric acid it passes into the trans-variety.
  • The trans-acid is a racemic compound, which on heating with acetyl chloride gives the anhydride of the cis-acid.

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