Sentence Examples

  • Alternatively, we might consider that we start with the first diagonal row (downwards from the left) and construct the remaining diagonal rows by successive applications of (15).
  • We may, alternatively, describe Martineau's religion as his applied philosophy or his philosophy as his explicated religion, and both as the expression of his singularly fine ethical and reverent nature.
  • A trapezette may therefore be defined as a plane figure bounded by two straight lines, a base at right angles to them, and a top which may be of any shape but is such that every ordinate from the base cuts it in one point and one point only; or, alternatively, it may be defined as the figure generated by an ordinate which moves in a plane so that its foot is always on a straight base to which the ordinate is at right angles, the length of the ordinate varying in any manner as it moves.
  • In the Church of England, though it was prescribed alternatively with the cope in the First Prayer-Book of Edward VI., it was ultimately discarded, with the other " Mass vestments," the cope being substituted for it at the celebration of the Holy Communion in cathedral and collegiate churches; its use has, however, during the last fifty years been widely revived in connexion with the reactionary movement in the direction of the pre-Reformation doctrine of the eucharist.
  • Fors means alternatively Fate, Force or Chance, bearing the Clavis, Club, Key or Nail, i.e.

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