Sentence Examples

  • Made by Colonel Grant-Francis, some time its honorary librarian, but one of its most valued possessions is the original contract of affiance between Edward II.
  • Between Ledru-Rollin and Odilon Barrot with the other chiefs of the "dynastic Left" there were acute differences, hardly dissimulated even during the temporary affiance which produced the campaign of the banquets.
  • A pamphlet by him, entitled The Crime against Ireland and how the War may right it, appealing for a German-AmericanIrish affiance, was disseminated in the United States as part of the German propaganda.
  • On the 16th of January S~ 1864 the agreement between them was signed, an article, affiance, drafted by Austria, intended to safeguard the settlement of 1852, being replaced at the instance of Prussia by another, which stated that the contracting powers would decide only iii concert upon the relations of the duchies, and that in no case, wc~ild they cletennine the succession save by mutua]
  • The acceptance by Bismarck of the principle of Protection and his affiance with the Catholic Centre were followed by the dis,~, ~ ruption of the National Liberal party and a complete ~ change in the parliamentary situation.

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