Sentence Examples

  • The four-cylinder petrol engine was placed on the lower aeroplane a little to the right of the central line, being counterbalanced by the driver (and passenger FIG.
  • Santos Dumont, after a number of successful experiments with dirigible cigarshaped gas balloons, completed an aeroplane flying machine.
  • Lastly he demonstrated that the wings of flying creatures, when the I By the term aeroplane is meant a thin, light, expanded structure inclined at a slight upward angle to the horizon intended to float or rest upon the air, and calculated to afford a certain amoune, of support to any body attached to it.
  • This consisted of a small elastic aeroplane placed aft or behind the principal aeroplane which is also elastic. The two elastic aeroplanes extended horizontally and made a slight upward angle with the horizon, the angle made by the smaller aeroplane (the rudder).
  • - Aeroplane Model with Automatic Rudder.