Sentence Examples

  • In the Central American Acacia sphaerocephala (bullthorn acacia) and A.
  • Two species of acacia are remarkable for the delicate and violet-like perfume of their wood - myall and yarran.
  • The iron tree (Parrotia persica), the silk acacia, Carpinus betulus, Quercus iberica, the box tree and the walnut flourish freely, as well as the sumach, the pomegranate, and the Gleditschia caspica.
  • Of other useful woods found in the plains may be named the babool, Acacia; toon, Cedrela; and sissoo, Dalbergia.
  • (X.) Ark of the Covenant, Ark of the Revelation, Ark of the Testimony, are the full names of the sacred chest of acacia wood overlaid with gold which the Israelites took with them on their journey into Palestine.

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