Sentence Examples

  • The acacia abounded on the borders of the valley, but the groves were gradually cut down for the use of the carpenter and the charcoal-burner.
  • The sunt tree (Acacia nhlolica) grows everywhere, as well as the tamarisk and the sycamore.
  • It was lined within and without with gold, and through four golden rings were placed staves of acacia wood, by means of which it was carried.
  • Other trees, found chiefly on the plateaus, are the baobab, the shea-butter tree, the locust tree, gambier, palms, including the date and dum palm (Hyphaene), the tamarind, and, in the arid regions, the acacia and mimosa.
  • For boatbuilding papyrus stems and acacia wood were employed, and for the best work cedar-wood was imported from Lebanon.