Sentence Examples

  • Like her brother, she had all the domestic virtues, and, as was to be expected of a sister of Louis XVI., she was in favour of absolutist principles.
  • ` It is interesting to see how in a country whose civil rule was becoming gradually more absolutist, this ` Church under the cross' framed for itself a government which reconciled, more thoroughly perhaps than has ever been done since, the two principles of popular rights and supreme control.
  • At the same time his inheritance of the Netherlands brought him into collision with their inhabitants who feared his absolutist tendencies, and with the Reformation The revolt in the Low Countries was inevitably favored by both France and England.
  • With his absolutist tendencies he was bound to wish to govern them as he did Castile, and the principle of religious toleration, which was not understood by any prince in Europe with the exception of the prince of Orange, \Villiam the Silent (q.v.), was peculiarly impossible for him.
  • Any tendency to listen to liberal counsels was denounced by them as weakness and met by demands for the restoration of the Inquisition and by the organization of absolutist demonstrations, and even revolts, such as that which broke out in Catalonia in 1828, organized by the supreme junta set up at Manresa, with the object of freeing the king from the disguised Liberals who swayed him.

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