Sentence Examples

  • Hence in trilinear co-ordinates, with ABC as fundamental triangle, its equation is Pa+Q/1+R7=o.
  • If four fluids, a, b, c, d, meet in a point 0, and if a tetrahedron AB CD is formed so that its edge AB represents the tension of the surface of contact of the liquids a and b, BC that of b and c, and so on; then if we place this tetrahedron so that the face ABC is normal to the tangent at 0 to the line of concourse of the fluids abc, and turn it so that the edge AB is normal to the tangent plane at 0 to the surface of contact of the fluids a and b, then the other three faces of the tetrahedron will be normal to the tangents at 0 to the other three lines of concourse of the liquids, an the other five edges of the tetrahedron will be normal to the tangent planes at 0 to the other five surfaces of contact.
  • Let us imagine unit mass of solution of volume V confined in a cylinder ABC between a fixed vapour sieve B and a solid piston A A B C FIG.
  • 7, ABC is any triangle 1 Eisenlohr, Ein math.
  • = constant, _ ff 00 NdA N BA-AA X - JA (a' +X) (b 2 +A)P - abc' a2 -b2 ' and at the surface A = o, I I N Bo-A 0 N I R - (a2+b2) abc a 2 -b 2 abc a2b2 I /b 2 N = R I /b2 - I /a2 abc I 1 I Bo - AO' a 2 b 2 - a2 b2 a 2 b2 = R (a 2 - b 2) /(a 22 + /b2) 2 - r (B o - Ao) U Bo+Co - B I - CI' Since - Ux is the velocity function for the liquid W' filling the ellipsoid A = o, and moving bodily with it, the effective inertia of the liquid in the interspace is Ao+B1+C1 Bo+Co - B1 - C, If the ellipsoid is of revolution, with b=c, - 2 XBo - - C BI' and the Stokes' current function 4, can be written down (I) is (5) (7) (6) The velocity function of the liquid inside the ellipsoid A=o due to the same angular velocity will be = Rxy (a2 - b2)/(a2 + b2), (7) and on the surface outside _ N Bo -Ao c1)0xy abc 2 62' so that the ratio of the exterior and interior value of at the surface is ?o= Bo-Ao (9) 4)1 (a 2 -6 2)/(a2 + b) - (Bo - Ao)' and this is the ratio of the effective angular inertia of the liquid, outside and inside the ellipsoid X = o.