Sentence Examples

  • Let us imagine unit mass of solution of volume V confined in a cylinder ABC between a fixed vapour sieve B and a solid piston A A B C FIG.
  • 7, ABC is any triangle 1 Eisenlohr, Ein math.
  • Such an expression as a l b 2 -a 2 b i, which is aa 2 ab 2 aa x 2 2 ax1' is usually written (ab) for brevity; in the same notation the determinant, whose rows are a l, a 2, a3; b2, b 2, b 3; c 1, c 2, c 3 respectively, is written (abc) and so on.
  • Determinant factors (abc), (abd), (bce), etc...., and other factors az, bx, cx,...
  • The Hessian is symbolically (abc) 2 azbzcz = H 3, and for the canonical form (1 +2m 3)xyz-m 2 (x 3 +y 3 +z 3).

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