Sentence Examples

  • This military style parka was called the "snorkel' parka, because it zipped up so tight in combination with the hood that those who wore them were left with a tiny slit to peek through, like the size of a snorkeling mask.
  • This is important because items, for example your wallet and keys, are zipped up safe, while other items that you may need in a hurry, like that of a train or bus pass, are at your fingertips.
  • Street Shoulder Bag measures 13" by 12" and is constructed similar to the Beehive Bag from one long strip of bubble rubber that forms this beautiful bag when it is zipped together.
  • For example, if one person is significantly smaller than the other, the larger person could actually end up with more room than if he or she was zipped into her own bag.
  • Featuring a combination lock, zipped internal compartment and a retractable handle, these beautiful black or red suitcases are available in 20, 24 and 28 inch sizes.